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Classification review

The classification level of a position is based on work value. Work value referes to the merit of the work done in relation to achieving the University's objectives. It is based on an assessment of the nature of the training, skill and responsibility required, with reference to:

  • The scope of activities covered by the position;
  • Knowledge and qualifications required to do the job;
  • Judgement, independence and problem solving requirements; and
  • Level of accountability and responsibility.

A change in work value may mean a change in the type of work performed, the skills required to carry out important aspects of the work, the responsibilities required of the position, or the conditions under which the work is carried out.

A classification proposal up to SM1 is undertaken by the F&S Staffing Committee. A proposal above SM1 is undertaken by the Senior Manager Remuneration Committee.

A classification review involves:

  • Review of the evidence provided
  • Analysis of the classification based on comparable roles and responsibilities across the ANU
  • Assessment of the suggested change in work value against the classification standards and descriptors
  • Interviews and other investigations considered appropriate
  • A recommendation to the delegate (Director, Facilities and Services)

When is a classification review required?

New positions

A Classification Review is required for any new positions being recruited into the Division prior to the recruitment process.

Position reclassification

Where a staff members or supervisor is of the view that the Division's requirements and responsibilities of a position they substantively occupy is no longer in accordance with the the University's classification standards, the staff member or supervisor may seek a review of the position.

All classification reviews for professional staff positions will have regard for the professional staff position classification standards.

Although Position Descriptions should be regularly reviewed and updated, a formal Classification Review is not required unless there has been a substantial change to the position's duties and responsibilities.


Please refer to the Facilities and Services Staffing Committee - Process Document (pdf 23KB) for information about how to submit a classification review.

A staff member may submit a reclassification review request of their own position, or a supervisor may submit a proposal on behalf of a staff member or for new or changed positions in their team.

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